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Thank you for dropping by!  This is a free online radio station and we play great eclectic music from several different genres… selections you just don’t hear on most ‘normal’ radio stations.  We feature many artists you’ve probably never heard before, but you will also hear some familiar music as well.  We also know many of you listen at work.  Keeping our music ‘workplace friendly’ is very important to us.  There are thousands, if not millions of other sites where you can listen to music radio online.  So again, a huge thank you for checking out our little corner of the internet!

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free-online-radioKevin Danner

After about 20 years in radio as a dj, news, sports and traffic reporter and program director among my many positions, I moved on to other fields of endeavor.  (Code for radio became too danged corporate and full of too danged many consultants so I got the heck out)  But I love music and the dj in me still loves sharing it. is the next phase of a project that actually began a few years ago on a different website.  You can hear the hits anywhere.  Think of us as playing the music the consultants won’t let most radio stations play.  This site is for you if you’ve ever tired of hearing the same songs over and over again on regular radio.  Oh yeah, the picture.  I live in a desert.  You gotta hydrate!  I don’t remember what was in that bucket, but it was liquid  :)


listen-music-online-free Kimberly Justice

One of the most cool and fun people I got to work with in those years in radio is Kimberly Justice, voice over extraordinaire.  Kimberly is that awesome female voice you hear between some of the songs on  Kimberly was raised as a hippie child in the heartland.  She didn’t eat store bought bread until she was 8 and had a tire swing in her living room.  You should see the pictures.  The mother of two, Kimberly often has peanut butter smudges on her shirt.  When not doing laundry, she is in her home studio creating amazing work for happy clients like Wal-Mart, Lowes, Hallmark and several radio stations.  To learn more check out her website,


We broadcast from Las Vegas, Nevada, but our site is not really about Vegas.  It just happens to be where we are.  But we also know there is always a certain amount of interest in Vegas news.  So every now and then you will see posts about interesting events going on in our home town.  Plus, for those of you who are actually here in Las Vegas, we also feature a ‘Vegas attractions’ page to help you plan what to see and do during your stay. will never be ‘finished.’  There will always be new music to add and new things to post on our blog.  We are on a journey to become one of the best free online radio sites.  And we saved a seat for you right here up front.… no playlist, no format, not the same old 30 songs